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Please choose the following From course.

Name of product Duration Price Booking
Majestic Indulugence Massage 1hr $54.45
Airhead Shirodara 2hr $83.60
Balinese Massage 1hr $34.65
Aroma Therapy Massage 1hr $34.65
Japanese Shiatsu 1hr $34.65
Stone Massage 1hr $39.60
Thai Massage 1hr $34.65
Foot Massage 1hr $29.70
Foot Reflexology 1hr $29.70
Traditional Javanese Lulur 1.5hr $49.50
Coffee Scrub 1.5hr $49.50
Milk Scrub 1.5hr $49.50
Coconut Scrub 1.5hr $49.50
Sea Weed Scurb 1.5hr $49.50
Baliwis Special Body Scrub 1.5hr $49.50
Green Tea Scrub 1.5hr $49.50
Cappucino Scrub 1.5hr $49.50
Chocolate Scrub 1.5hr $49.50
Traditional Facial 1hr $34.65
Creambath 1hr $34.65
Hair Brading 1hr $34.65
Wedding & Balinese Dance Costume 1hr $44.55
Spa Ritual 1.5hr $49.50
Spa Tranquility 2hr $52.80
Spa Herbal 2.5hr $70.40
Spa Royal Esthetic 3hr $74.80
Spa Escape 3.5hr $83.60
Spa Chocolate Package 2hr $57.20
Cappuccino Ritual 2hr $66.00
Rebalancing Ritual 3hr $88.00
Sea Marine Ritual 3.5hr $101.20
Chocolate Ritual 3hr $92.40
Villa Spa - Romantic 2.5hr $88.00
Villa Spa - Relaxing 3hr $96.80
Villa Spa - Indulgence 3.5hr $114.40
Villa Spa - Memorial 4hr $123.20
The Royal Tropical Touch 4hr $140.80
Ayurveda Natural 4hr $149.60
Thai Herbal Massage 1.5hr $49.50
Spa Aromatic Spa Herbal 2hr $57.20
Spa The Herbal Energizing 3hr $74.80
Ayurveda Honeymoon 5.5hr $308.00
HoneymoonMemorial 5.5hr $316.80
※If you want some more other courses, please feel free to write it down at "Other Request" column at the rest of this Application Form.