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Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa (Nusa Dua)

Please choose the following From course.

Name of product Duration Price Booking
Coba Coba Original Menu 2hrs $63.00
Traditional Body Massage 1hr $41.40
Swedish Massage 1hr $41.40
Anti-Sellulite Massage 1hr $46.80
Taman Sari Massage 1.5hrs $52.20
Prameswari Massage 1.5hrs $70.20
The Royal Anti Aging Facial 1.5hrs $54
The Royal Revitalize Facial 1.5hrs $54
The Royal Deep Cleansing Facial 1.5hrs $54
Creambath 1.5hrs $37.80
Aromatherapy Foot Spa 1hr $34.20
Foot Reflexology 75min $41.40
Taman Sari Natural Skin 2hrs $75.60
Taman Sari Balancing 2hrs $85
Taman Sari Relaxation 2.5hrs $77.40
Taman Sari Simple Combination 2.5hrs $79.20
Taman Sari Chocolate Sweet 2.5hrs $86.40
Taman Sari Papaya Skin Care 2.5hrs $90
Anticellulite Program 2.5hrs $97.20
Taman Sari Arom Spirit 3hrs $88.20
Taman Sari Harmony Sensation 3.5hrs $133.20
Chocolate Honey Package 4hrs $133.20
Royal Marital Happiness (Recommed for couple) Women Treatment 4.5hrs $151.20
Royal Marital Happiness (Recommed for couple) Men Treatment 4.5hrs $151.20
Healing of the Heart 5hrs $169.20
Taman Sari Complete Beauty 3.5hr $103
※If you want some more other courses, please feel free to write it down at "Other Request" column at the rest of this Application Form.