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Since ancient time, Singaraja was became the center of cultural exchange between cultures of Bali and foreign. Even this time, Singaraja is still the regional economic center of the north part of Bali island. On such impact, there are a number of building with Western style Christianity and Islam are mixed to Hinduism. Now the southern part of the Bali island is the tourist destination. But a decade ago, Singaraja is the most important port city in Bali. If you go to west from Singaraja, there is the Lovina beach. The beach with black sands and calm waves. With the beautiful coral spreads, it is the most perfect points for divers. Singaraja is located about 4 hours by car from International airport in Denpasar. Although it is far away and beyond of the mountain, it is different with the southern part of Bali. Here, the old Bali is still remaining. It is good for you who want to enjoy the sightseeing. In addition, prices are cheap and surprisingly if we compared with the southern resort, so you will not get hit with high price even for shopping.

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