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The Amertha Spa offers a variety of soothing massages and therapy treatments. The Traditional Massage utilizes aromatic oils to relieve tension and improve blood circulation with deep pressure point massage and stretching techniques to increase vitality and flexibility. You may choose to be pampered in the peaceful indoor environment with views of tropical gardens and fountains or on the beach with the waves lulling you into relaxation.




In some cases, such taxes and fees separately. Please check the “More Information” section below varies with each spa.

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Terms and Conditions
Please read and accept the “Reservations / terms and conditions” shown below, prior to booking.
■ How to make a booking
1 Users are asked to fill in the necessary items in the form and submit it on line.

2 An auto-reply e-mail will be sent to user.

3 Reservation staffs will confirm the contents of the booking and send user a Confirmation e-mail.

4 After receiving the confirmation, user must reply (a blank message is ok) to this Confirmation e-mail.
※At this point your booking is fixed (if no reply, bookings will be suspended)
Please contact if you did not receive an e-mail within 48 hours.

5 Reservation staffs will send an invoice. (PayPal, credit card payment form )

6 Please settle the payment according to the invoice.
※To avoid any trouble, please reply to the 【Booking finalized】e-mail.
For any reason you were not able to reply to the Confirmation e-mail, please call the Bali information Centre from your hotel once you arrive in Bali.
※If you did not receive any reply from us , kindly double check your junk e-mail folder for it may be there or it could be due to the poor internet connection in Bali so if there is no reply for few days please contact the Bali information Centre.■ Final payments
Kindly view here for PayPal details■ Amendments
Change to an existing booking can be made as long as the cancellation fee does not apply. However, continuous changes can be subject to an amendment fee.■ Cancellation
Please contact us either by e-mail or phone (during working hours) in case of cancellation.
Cancelled booking will incur charges. Without specific notification, cancellation one day before the tour will be subject to 50% of the cost of the booking. If cancelled on the day or incase of no show, 100% cancel fee will be applied.
※Kindly contact us in case of flight delay, health problems or other unavoidable reasons you may have to reschedule ,we will do our best to provide an alternative date.
Once you arrive in Bali, please call or e-mail us directly for bookings or inquiries.
Please be noted that refund for payments done through PayPal (payment by e-money) and credit cards will be processed by e-money through PayPal.
Kindly view here for PayPal details■ About Spa
This spa will only accept payment through PayPal (e-money) and credit card payment through smart phones. Payment at the spa location is not accepted.
Return transfers may be requested but on certain conditions or some spas do not have it at all. In that case users are required to hire a taxi or a driver individually. Transfer details will be noted in the reply e-mail after submitting the booking.
If you require transfer service please call the Bali Information Centre upon arrival in Bali, for final confirmation of pick up location and time.
※Please be noted that without this call, users will not be provided with any transfer service.
Please double check the pickup time and place. Especially if you are sharing a car with other guests the driver will not be able to wait once you are late. In case you missed the spa treatment due to late arrival to pickup point, it will be treated as cancellation on the day and will be subject to 100% cancellation fee.
Some spa company transfer cars take round trips around specific areas and the pickup time will vary according to which hotel you are staying in. Getting off from these transfer cars in the middle of transfer to go shopping or sightseeing is not allowed.
Tax and service charges differ with each spa. Please check the detailed information for each spa.
Please be noted that tax and service charges are not included in the published price.

・In case of last minute booking, there may be risks of miscommunication due to network problems that frequently occur in Bali. In order to avoid these miscommunications please don’t wait until last minute to make a booking or sending inquiries.
・In case of last minute booking request, kindly call us directly on the phone.

Non performance statements
Nonperformance or change of plan may occur for booked trips, visit to restaurants or facilities in case of labor disputes, strikes, government (state or municipal) restrictions, national emergencies, local ceremonies, war, public riots, epidemic or emergencies caused by an act of God, all of which are beyond our control.
We and the optional tour operation company are not held responsible for any change of plan, violence, damages, accidents, losses, detention, annoyance, consequential damages of any kind, delays, and expenses due to above reasons, also we and the optional tour operation company will not be responsible for any loss, accidents or injury in spas or during transport.

Our address

Jl.Bypass Nusa Dua, Complex Puri Bendesa No.25 Nusa Dua Bali
-8.78680, 115.19814

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