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Bali Marine Walk allows you to walk under the beautiful waters of Lembongan with a revolutionary diving system. You do not need to know how to dive or swim, just breathe naturally and keep your glasses and contact lenses on , also girls can keep their make up on. 30 mins from Sanur beach, your 15mins underwater Lembongan island should be a wonderful experience.

Course Desc.Lembongan Island Marine Walk

Course Desc.No.AdultChildMealDepart. TimeTime Required
Lembongan Marine Walk13US$ 73US$ 53Lunch8:008
Secret Island13US$ 60US$ 50Lunch8:008
Secret Island – Family
discount(2A+up to 2C)
13US$ 229US$ 229Lunch8:008
Marine Explore13US$ 89US$ 69Lunch8:008
Marine Explore – Family
discount(2A+up to 2C)
13US$ 330US$ 330Lunch8:008
Starfish Package13US$ 117US$ 99Lunch8:008
Starfish Package – Family
discount(2A+up to 2C)
13US$ 445US$ 445Lunch8:008
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