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Visitors to the tourism of Bali, such as people who enjoyed the sightseeing tours with travel company and people who spend a quiet relaxing time had been divided into two main approaches. In recent years, people who want to learn activity of Balinese unique culture by their own initiative is growing rapidly. There are many variety of activity categories that you can learn in Bali. School lessons to learn Indonesian. Course to learn the traditional arts of Bali, such as gamelan music and Balinese dance. As the surfing marker in the world, Bali has the surfing school to learn surfing, and also the Scuba diving classroom. Bali culture classroom to learn Batik painting, wood carving, Balinese cuisine, and how to making Canang (the Balinese small form of offerings to the Gods, made from young coconut leafs and flowers). There are various courses that you can attend and so on specialist training course of spa therapy, up to advanced beginners.

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    Village Trekking & Elephant Safari

    Trek takes visitors through Taro, one of the oldest Hindu Villages in Central Bali dating back some 3000-4000 years. The isolated village boasts the oldest Temple structure on the island of Bali and is also home to the famed Sacred White Cows. The trekking will end at the Elephant Safari Park where you will have a delicious buffet lunch and can watch the Elephant show.