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I think there are a lot of an uneasy for the people who come to Bali. Such as sick or injured while traveling/trip. Because of Indonesia is a developing country, certainly it doesn’t have a good standard of health. Poor hospital medical skills and poor hygiene are also mixed in. Then, it is certainly not safe if you turn everything over to a doctor who does not understand your language. However, as long selection firmly hospital, in Bali, there are many private hospitals with modern facilities for foreigners use. When there is any chance of trouble, because it might be taken to the hospital with poor quality if you were leaving to others, please select the hospital that determine on your own firm.

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    International SOS Bali

    It is conveniently located about 15 minutes from Kuta, you can be treated with confidence in the Japanese support in 24-hour Japanese staff. Diarrhea, fever, Keganado, please contact us at any time. The cashless service available by overseas travel insurance. Can be arranged up to examination and emergency medical care, house calls and medical transport […]