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  • Activity

    Many activity can be enjoy on the sea, river and island like Marine sports,golf & others.
  • Art / Culture

    Bali is the island of culture and arts that you can touch, such as picture, art, & dance.
  • Bar / Night Club

    Introducing you a lot of Bali nightlife spots like recommended popular clubs and bars.
  • Hospital

    There are a number of hospitals in Bali. It is useful in the event of an emergency cases.
  • Hotel / Villa

    Introducing from private villas, hotels to the cheap accommodation of local use in Bali.
  • IT Services

    Computer shop & WEB service company in Bali. You can consult the smartphone & PC trouble.
  • Restaurants

    Delicious restaurants information of Balinese, European, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine.
  • Shopping

    A lot of shopping information of general store, cosmetics, accessories, boutiques in Bali.
  • Shopping Center

    Introducing shopping facilities such as duty-free shop, supermarket, food courtin Bali.
  • Spa / Salon

    The popular spa in Bali. From selected esthetic spa in Bali to the discount of local spa.
  • Study / Personal

    Introducing the lessons that can be experience in Bali. Like Indonesian, surfing and yoga.
  • Tour

    Tourism in Bali! Optional tours, car charter, sights and attractions, Convenient relief.
  • Tourism

    Sights of Bali. Experience Bali with temple, traditional villages, buildings, and streets.
  • Travel Guide

    Bali tourism information from history of Bali, climate, how to call, mail, to ATM usage.
  • Zoo / Amusement

    Guide to Bali zoo and amusement parks. The couple and also family can enjoy theme parks.


  • Benoa

    Mark of marine sports. World-class luxury resort hotels lined up along white sandy beach.
  • Denpasar

    Has a name meaning \"northern market\". It\'s located in capital and busiest area of Bali.
  • ETC.

    There are many attractions in Bali. We summarize other beautiful locations here for you.
  • Jimbaran

    Peaceful resort located in the south of Kuta. Beautiful sunset beach & fishing village.
  • Kerobokan

    Area of attention villas lined, Restaurant, and also where Bali furniture store often.
  • Kuta

    Attraction of the surfing and evening sun. Popular tourist spots are concentrated here.
  • Legian

    Downtown area of Bali most arranged in Kuta district, such as restaurants, cafes, ETC.
  • Nusa Dua

    The resort area of Bali, popular with long-term residents. Calm like living in the charm.
  • Sanur

    The resort area of Bali, popular with long-term residents. Calm like living in the charm.
  • Seminyak

    Epicenter of the epidemic in Bali. A popular spot with fashionable restaurants & shops.
  • Singaraja

    It is located on the north of Bali. You can feel different atmosphere from the south.
  • Ubud

    Ubud is famous tourist attractions in the world as a village of art that can be touched and all specialties, culture and entertainment.